As part of the celebration of the world’s women’s day, WOMEN IN FOREX GHANA in collaboration with GELDEX INVEST is set to train 200 national service personnel in digital finance in the central region to broaden their employment scopes

The theme for the World international women’s day 2022 dubbed ‘BREAKING THE BIAS,’ is most prevalent and accurate theme for the current pandemic situation today. It is a wake up call for women globally to venture into more challenging roles in all facets of life and breaking free from the gender stereotypes.

A challenged world is an alert world and indeed the 21st century woman must gear toward building a pandemic proof career and livelihood, especially through the route of the Digital economy and not be perturbed by opposition.

The digitalized front for decades has produced most opportunities to individuals that dared to challenge the norms of corporate career choices but delved into showcasing their various talents and skills online.

From challenges/crisis comes changes, innovation and creativity, unfortunately Women globally especially in Ghana are under represented in the digitalized world and as such, WOMEN IN FOREX GHANA saw the need to use this special day for women to campaign and persuade women to challenge their status quo through learning and training in the area of financial literacy as a vehicle to financial and self sufficiency by indulging in digitalized skill set as Forex trading and not get caught up with stereotype of the industry being for men only.

WOMEN IN FOREX GHANA is the 1st forex association of professional forex traders and analysts in Ghana and West Africa involved in training the financial analysis skill set and the incubation of forex traders through mentorship, nurturing, providing funding for traders, etc with emphasis on the youth, especially women.

The organisation has successfully organised,trained and mentored atleast 2,000 youth through her digital finance training summit tours for the last 5years.

WOMEN IN FOREX GHANA has recently launched a 10year digital finance educational initiative dubbed:THE ELEVATE GHANA FOREX PROJECT to train over 10,000 more youth especially women to indulge in the biggest global market with the acquired skills to explore the career opportunities the sector bestows.

The organisation also recently launched a forex charity ball as part of its annual schedules dubbed:LOVE IN THE FOREX in collaboration with Geldex lnvest, Lolyfx Ltd and blooming Trading Ltd as part of its corporate social responsibility to give back to the community. This years charity ball targeted three charitable organisations namely: The menarche pad a girl project, Coverme worldwide and Maternal rights Ghana.

Women in forex Ghana with this initiatives and in their quota attempts to positively contribute to the government’s policies of reducing illiteracy and poverty which also goes a long way to globally contributing to the United Nations sustainable development goals of Economic growth,financial literacy, reduction of poverty and women empowerment just to mention but few and most importantly debunk the misconceptions and myth about digital finance, forex trading and online digitalized skills.

WOMEN IN FOREX GHANA is opened to collaborating and networking with other organisations with same inclinations.

The organisation is led by Miss ANNOR SIKA ASANTEWAH, a certified financial analyst and the CEO of SKY TRIP CHRONICLES, a brand that’s spearheading a service called l TRADE N TRAVEL WITH SIKA. This brand encourages forex trading enthusiasts to learn trade earn create value and make memories by going on educational trips yearly, the brand intends to create digital forex nomads who can work without borders and have time freedom to explore the world and its beauty./p>

The objective is to produce disciplined and patient traders and encourage the habit of compounding and investment.

It is about time we change our money game..LETS BREAK THE FINANCIAL BIAS WOMEN!!