The financial market globally has seen one of the most dramatic changes in regards to the insurgence of technology over the past decade after the last financial depression in 2009.

The global market is currently seen to have opened up to digitalisation, thus opening up to everybody to play fair as compared to in the 70’s when it was just governments and big financial institutions which could indulge in it.

The adaptation of these new innovation and technologies on the market has not been very smooth as governments all over the world are still adjusting to the pros and cons of these developments.

The African economy is suffering the most as it’s struggling to keep up with these innovations due to lack of proper systems to back these technologies and support such innovations.

It is paramount to emphasize that the next decade would have the world running on robotics and automations, making human labour force a thing of the past.

Banks in Africa are fast moving onto the online banking systems, applications that are removing the need for customers presence at banking halls. The digital economy has become the new norm and at a disadvantage to the Labour force.

FOREX Trading, a non starter for most Government undoubtedly stands out to be a growing interest in the African financial economy currently.

As a digital financial instrument, the sector possess enormous amount of career and financial opportunities. The African youth is gradually gearing towards an alternative career path looking at the unemployment situations in the region.

Appropriately, 15% of the 1.26billion population of Africans is said to be engaged in the digital financial market, a current report by Forbes indicated Africa’s adoption of bitcoin (cryptocurrency) is the highest globally with Nigeria leading the chart, an intriguing data that needs further survey.

Ghana’s Security and Exchange commission and the Bank of Ghana have acknowledged the importance of these digital innovations especially the blockchain technology . An article released by Bank of Ghana indicated its interest in the blockchain technology and its preparedness to adopt the technology to improve the nation’s payment systems. They also buttressed this point by promising to make currency trading their priority.

Ghana currently is among the African countries with plans of introducing a digital e-coin to back it fiat currency CEDI to stability and to properly compete on the global market, a step in a right direction.

As the country’s economy is opening up to new innovations, there is the need for the Labour force to meet this opportunity with the relevant technical know how and preparedness in the digital financial market.

It is in this light that the WOMEN IN FOREX GHANA, a team of financial market trading experts and analysts is collaborating with other Forex brands such as Lolyfx, African financial Traders organisation and Geldex Invest to put together educational conferences and trainings to introduce 1,000 youth in online trading : The trainings are going to be done across the regions, the 1st training session commences in February dubbed: LOVE IN THE MARKET SERIES. This is a 2day lecture with a charity ball that targets to donate to 3 charity organisations namely: Maternalright Ghana, Menarche-Pad a girl project, Coverme worldwide.

Geldex Invest, and indigenous brokerage firm located in Accra that is pioneering the use of the local currency Cedi is the main sponsor of this training.

Women in Forex Ghana with these collaborations aims at raising professional online traders and transparency standards on the financial market.

The organisation hopes this serves as the beginning of great impact on our unemployment situation and encouragement for upcoming/enthusiastic financial experts to work prudently

The overall objective of this project aligns with the goals of the United nation’s Sustainable development Goals(SDGs):Education,employment, empowerment, poverty eradication etc.

The financial market globally has shifted from the traditional commerce to ecommerce and it’s about time that our education follow suit. We have no other choice but to change our money Game