Educational Videos

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Educational Videos

Educational Videos

What is Forex?

What is Pip?

What is Bid & Ask?

What is Base & Quotes?

What is Spread?

What are the Major Pairs?

What are Crosses?

What is a Lot?

What is Leverage?

What is Equity?

What is Margin?

What is Margin Level?

What is Free Margin?

What is Swap?

What is Buy Limit and Sell Limit?

What is Buy Stop and Sell Stop?

What is Forex Market Session?

What is Forex Market Analysis?

What is a Forex Chart?

What is a Trend?

What is an Expert Advisor?

What are Indicators?

What are Chart Patterns?

What is RSI and Stochastic Oscillator?

What is Bollinger Bands?

What Is Parabolic SAR?

What Is Fractal Adaptive Moving Average?

What Is Average True Range?

What Is VIX?

What Is Historical and Implied Volatility?

What Is Supppot and Resistance Levels?

What Is Long Term Averages?

What Is Smooth Trending & Range-Bound Markets?


Why Traders Loose Money?

Trading Psychology

Win More by Losing Less


Don't Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

What is Pivot

What is Price Action


What is Risk Management

What are Fibonacci Ratios

What is Stop Loss


Portfolio Diversification

Geographical Diversification

Should I liquidate now or wait?


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